Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Of Megadeth, Delhi Safari, Anniversaries and More

Did you see a guy running around half naked when Megadeth was playing? Did you also notice that same guy do a ‘Hips don’t lie’ when Mustaine was ripping the solo on one of his song’s? That was me. Unless there was another guy belly dancing to Symphony of Destruction.

Did you also get a chance to see this beautiful animated film called Delhi Safari which released this Friday? And did you, by any chance, wait till the end credits rolled and notice the 4th name on the left of the Animators’ list? That too was me. No ifs and buts here.

It’s been quite an eventful last few days. Although why you might be interested in reading about how ‘kewl’ my life is beyond me. I went to the NH7 Weekender. Day 1 was a breeze when I was alone and sober and taking pictures. Day 2 on the other hand was a crazy affair when I was with my girl and a bunch of other friends from work. Don’t remember much of Megadeth but I’ve been told I wanted to rape a man for some reason.

Life moved on and in came the biggest week of my life. Delhi Safari released on the 19th of October. The moment, for which I’d been waiting for over 10 years, finally occurred. I worked on an animation feature which released on the big screen and I had my name in the credits. I kid you not but my eyes went moist with joy.

On the same day I celebrated my parents’ 30th anniversary with my close ones and had good food along with some smooth alcohol. Yes, we’re Jains like that; we booze and eat meat, especially when the whole world is fasting. Another milestone of the day was my 1 year anniversary in Delhi. Probably the busiest, happiest, craziest, year I’ve ever spent in Delhi. It’s been one roller coaster ride and PLEASE KILL ME FOR USING THE MOST CLICHED LINE EVER.

Since this post is more of a personal update and a post to maintain the regularity on the blog, I’ll ask for your leave and quickly conclude this. Stay tuned, I’ll continue with my regular, and hopefully interesting stuff, soon enough.

Things are only about to get better.
Let’s do this thing together.
Stay with me, enjoy the ride.
Sleep well, have a good night.


  1. Yes that moment! That moment of credit roll on the red screen! That moment when we all went quiet and welled up! That moment I will always be proud of you!