Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What Work-Life Balance?

“Home, home again
I like to be here when I can
When I come home cold and tired
It's good to warm my bones beside the fire”

I’m pretty sure Pink Floyd weren’t talking about any Tomar, Dinesh or Harish coming back home after a hard day’s work at their office. But Tomar, Dinesh, and Harish, on the other hand, were definitely humming this song whilst coming back home from yet another hard day at work.

Welcome to ‘Work-Life Balance 101’.

Child, if you think you have a life, think again. If you’re the average Jai, which I’m pretty sure you are, you most definitely don’t have a life. What you have is an illusion that you like calling ‘life’ which consists of a job that you pretend to like in front of your friends, a thrashing weekend where you hide your tears behind that peg of Old Monk, a family you hardly get to talk to and Facebook/Twitter to prove to the world that this illusion really exists.

Shoot me if I’ve been wrong so far.

Okay, so tell me, you spend about 10-11 hours a day at work, about an hour or two in travel, a couple maybe to get ready before work and freshen up after it, and at the very least an average of 6 hours of sleep on a daily basis. That sums up to about 20 hours a day which you spend AT work or getting TO work or simply sleeping. What have you left to live your so called ‘life’? A measly 4 hours a day which you, in all likelihood, spend drinking or eating or even working again, just so that you could enjoy this ‘life’ a little more. I’m really sorry to break this for you, but no, that is not how ‘life’ is supposed to be.

But alas, there’s no set definition of how this life’s supposed to be lived.

“Oh I work my ass off during the week but I ensure I have a blast over the weekend!” is like saying “Oh I really hate my wife but I really dig her when I get to have sex with her!” This is not working out boss, sorry! Just like your wife is not a piece of meat why do you treat your life like a bitch? It’s not supped to be raped with excess cribbing over the week and an abundance of alcohol over the weekend. There’s only so much one can pretend enjoying life. What we’re headed towards is total disaster where we’re bitter about every little thing in life and things are as fake as that smile on your face.

Have you ever really stopped in life and just stood still to take a deep breath and think about life itself? Have you ever really felt that exhilarating pleasure of pure bliss which you once felt as a kid when rolling down on a slanted garden? Do you really think you’re doing something worthwhile which, forget the world, you feel good about? Do you think you’ll be remembered once you die? Forget that, you won’t be remembered once you leave the party.

All this might be sounding too idealistic, I know, but it’s worth a thought I’d say. We can’t go all extreme and feel and breathe ‘life’ in every breath of ours. Getting stuck in this crappy illusion of a life that we’ve created for ourselves is not good either. A little more honesty, with our own selves, would help us a great big deal.

I’m afraid if I continue on the same thought I’d continue giving more gyaan and that’d just repel the whatever little views I’m going to get on this blog post.

Take this as a rant, take this as a chant
Either way, there’s one thing that you can’t
Claim that you enjoy drinking booze in gallons
Tell me, oh child, where’s the work-life balance?


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