Monday, 24 June 2013

Where Is Your God Now?

Massive devastation is what is happening in Uttarakhand right now. The most religious of places are being washed away by the power of nature. Or as some of you might want to call it, God’s wrath. Ooooooh. Scary.

According to religious nuts, God is all powerful and blah blah. So God killed his devotees here in India? God killed his own Earthly self in the form of temples, shrines, shivlings, etc?

“Oh yes Parvati. I’m going to create man and then I’m going to make them praise me and then I’m going to kill them all and kill what they create of me.”

“Sounds like a plan prabhu. But after that?”

“Woman don’t be asking too many questions off your man. You have no right to do that. Go get me a drink and prepare that chillum. Imma gonna get wasted tonightttt! Weeee!”

Is that what you actually think happened? Can’t you for a moment attribute this to freaky nature? Or better still, to our activities in those areas which might’ve caused an imbalance in nature? Why do you think it was us sinners who actually forced the Lord to open his 3rd eye and 4th shirt button and unleash the fury amongst thousands of innocents? Oh why oh why oh why you tell me la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lies?

BTW, I just got my first Android phone. A Micromax. It’s pretty decent I must admit. But then I think my next purchase should be an iPhone. Android is too complex for me. I want simplicity. What say?

Coming back to the topic. In spite of all this mumbo-jumbo, I’d request you all to help those in need. Go give some clothes or dry ration or something to any camp organised around your home or office. Too lazy to do it like me? Get online, which you already are, and donate some money off your account. One less night out next month is hardly going to change your life. But a 100 of you thinking the same and donating 500 bucks will surely make a difference up there where people are struggling for their lives. So just go do it now. Here’s a start:

Also, try and not attribute anything and everything to God. Don’t stand in front of a train and say if it is in God’s will I will survive. Don’t blame all bad things on God and neither give God the credit for everything good that happens to you. “Beta hua hai bhagwan ki dua se.” It wasn’t God. It was you who did not use a condom and now we have another kid in the already over-populated country of ours. If you don’t understand something that’s happening or why it’s happening, accept it, try and figure it out, don’t simply say it is God’s handiwork and give up.

So the next time it rains, don’t assume it’s God peeing or a thunder is God burping and farting. It’s just sweet old nature which wreaks havoc and causes problems all across the world. Nature is not racist. We are. May peace be with us.

BREAKING: Apparently, 50 tonnes of wood and ghee arranged for all those who were deceased in the Uttarakhand disaster. WTH???

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

From A Nobody To A Somebody

It’s ironic how I am wearing the same shirt today, which was gifted to me by my previous employer, now that I sit at my new workplace writing this blog.

Down and out in Bangalore working as an animator, I decided to quit all that shit one day and go back home. I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew one thing that I was not going back to the crappy world of animation in India and that I’d have to restart my career from scratch.

The problem with that was neither I was educated nor I had any other skill set in particular. All I could do was write some random rhymes every now and then which pleased the people who liked me anyway. I had been told I should give it a shot but I had always been skeptical and said that it was just a hobby. Alas, had I known before that I could actually write a bit, I would’ve made the change towards writing long back.

It was October 2011 when I returned home, a little depressed, to a family that still supported me even when I was 25. I was open for any sort of a gig that had to do something with writing. I had to test my mettle there and see if I could even do it or not. But in came an opportunity from a social media agency which seemed pretty interesting. I quickly applied and I was called for an interview to my surprise.

They gave me a test and seemed to like me and I was eventually asked to join their team. I couldn’t believe this had happened. I actually had a job in Delhi, my hometown, where I was getting a wee bit more than what I was getting in Bangalore. It was way more than what I had expected. A little under confident in nature, I thought luck played a bigger role than my talent here.

Today I believe that it was my talent which got me that job but luck did play its part, will not deny that. Things worked out well and I kick started a new journey as a writer.

It started off a little shaky as I did not know what I was doing but I gradually got the hang of it and I felt good. For the first time I truly believed that I could really do this thing. Things only kept getting better after that. I finally understood what my true calling was.

Funny thing is I was never really a great student but I scored decently well in my English exams while at school. Spoken English was a task as a kid and nobody in their right minds would’ve thought I’d end up being a writer someday. I still struggle at times while writing but I manage. I’ve seen writers with 3 to 5 years worth of experience as writers who write much worse than me.

The work did get to me at times and it wasn’t the same as writing for yourself. The boss at times would be a little too demanding and the clients would always be difficult to deal with. In spite of all the frustration, I do not take back any bad memories whatsoever. All I did was learn. Good or bad, it was all an experience. An experience I badly needed. An experience that has made me who I am today.

I am not saying I’ve conquered the world but I am at a good place in my life and things seem to be positive in the creative world of writing in social media as compared to the gloomy surroundings of the animation industry.

Things are only going to get better.

Which also reaffirms my belief in the fact that we should not let go of our dreams and actually give that one thing a shot which we really love doing. Earlier it was animation and now it is writing. Animation didn’t work out as I thought it would but writing seems to be going fine. I only hope I haven’t spoken too early.

But what gave me a new lease of life when I got back to Delhi; I had to say my goodbye to them. I will only have good memories of my time there and will always be thankful to them for bringing my life back on track. I had the talent and somehow I had the luck that I got the opportunity. What I am today is a lot because of them and I’ll never forget that.

It’s time to look forward in life and do better work with each passing day. Let the positivity remain all around. Once again, thank you everyone. And a special thanks to Bloggers Mind, Songita, Anika, and the whole crazy team at BM. Cheers!