Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Kitty Lu - The Most Beautiful Toilet In Delhi

Kitty Su is one of the poshest and the sexiest night clubs I have ever been to in Delhi. Not like I’ve visited too many of them, but I have, time and again, gone to clubs to party the nights away. Which, at one point in time, meant getting drunk even before entering the club and eventually hitting at every girl inside and getting rejected by each one of them individually. Pune had a couple of nice ones which I used to frequent whenever I had enough money. In Bangalore, I went to a pretty cool place once but got caught driving drunk after that so it was my only ‘party’ experience there.

Delhi, on the other hand, has been pretty cool till now. I have checked out a few nice clubs here like Kitty Su, Pangea, Agni (yeah it was okay) and even Blue Frog (kind of a club, right?). Pangea was undoubtedly the poshest place amongst the lot. And it was through a Twitter contest that I got free entry and free beers there. But it paled in comparison to Kitty Su in one respect. Kitty Su’s restroom is by far the most amazing toilet I have ever seen.

This post is not about me showing off my hep night life although till now I have done exactly that. This post is about Kitty Su’s washroom. It is about that beautiful place on Earth where every man should go and take a leak at and smile at his companions and come out walking with swagger. No man shall ever have the want to see Niagara Falls or Kempty Falls. No man shall ever feel ashamed to show his penis to another man again. No man shall ever crib about the warmth of the pee flowing out of his penis.

As I walked to the lower level of Kitty Su where their washrooms are located I was amazed at the lounge area located right outside it. Plush beautiful couches right out of some New York club greeted me and I still hadn’t seen the best part. As I made my way through to the men’s room, I walked past the wash basins, the toilets and started looking for the urinals. To my surprise, none existed. I stood perplexed as I looked here and there wondering what to do. The whole place was kind of empty and I was about to enter a toilet stall when this dude walked right past me and went to the wall right in front and started peeing.

The wall, I had earlier assumed, was just for show. It was a beautiful wall and in my wildest dreams I couldn’t think of peeing there. It had water flowing from the top along the wall. I simply thought it was a beautiful waterfall/fountain of sorts to make the washroom look habitable. But as I went a little closer to inspect I saw that the base of the wall had a boundary and within that boundary was ice. It was filled with thousands and millions of ice cubes. It had a slightly raised platform where one could stand and pee right at the wall on the waterfall. The pee would then get mixed with the waterfall and get mixed in the ice. The ice in process would then let out a cool whiff of air that would tingle your senses like never before.

I took it slow as I wanted to enjoy this experience. I knew I couldn’t afford to drink any more beer so this was my only chance to pee here. I started whistling a little and looked towards my left. I saw a mirror and I could see my penis there as well. Not bad, I thought. I turned towards my right and I saw the guy who had inspired me to do the impossible. He was coolly grooving to the faint sound of music we could hear from the floor above and he was sipping on his Whisky while he peed happily into the most beautiful man made waterfall ever. I was impressed by his confidence and suddenly realised that there were no dividers. Peeing here was like a community thing it seemed. Thankfully there were not many people in there. This place was for bold men. This place was for men who were not ashamed of their sexuality. This place was for men like me who did not cringe at the idea of a flaccid penis. This place changed who I was. As I walked away, washed my hands, and exit the washroom to go to the floor above, I noticed how there were only dudes there. 

This was a gay club. Oops. Kitty Su.

I might not come for your crowd, but I shall definitely come for your Kitty Lu. I might even cum in your Kitty Lu. Till then, keep rocking!