Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Red Dare


The last time I took a dare was probably back in the ‘90s when I was playing Truth Or Dare with my friends. The typical dares would be to ask a girl out, and telling the truth would mean to confess your love towards your crush. But those days are long gone and life is but a monotonous drive to and from work.

So when I was dared to take up #TheRedDare which was powered by Dabur Red Toothpaste, I was more than willing to feel young again. It was a chance to redeem myself and get some adrenaline pumping through my veins. I was given a few options and the one I finally took up was to brush my teeth at a bus stop. Firstly, check out #TheRedDare video here:

Brushing one’s teeth regularly is as necessary as breathing or eating. You may not like it and you may not enjoy doing it day in day out but you can’t escape it. It is said that unhealthy teeth can cause grave problems to your body like heart diseases, etc. I hope through this blog and through #TheRedDare video I am able to spread the awareness around clean teeth.

But enough with that, making the #TheRedDare video was super fun and crazy. It was hilarious to see people’s reaction at the bus stop and it was so hard for me to not laugh. It took me multiple takes because I couldn’t keep a straight face looking at people looking at me so amused. If time permits, I shall have even more fun brushing my teeth at other locations as well!

I would like to dare 7 of my friends to take up this challenge and complete their own #TheRedDare. Guys, you must take this up and I need to see this video up on your YouTube channel and blog ASAP! Here is the list:

Sakshi Nanda
Karan Bhujbal
Pavan Nagpal
Chetan Sharma
Gagan Ratra
Rupam Ghatak
Ayesha Mahanti

SMS your address through WhatsApp to +91 9910818814 now!! 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Green Mango More

I recently heard about a statement made by some politician in the Parliament. It went as follows:

“Aapko tay karna hai ki Dilli mein sarkar Ramzadon ki banegi ya haramzadon ki.”

I can’t help but laugh at people still cracking the green mango more joke. Have you not heard the green mango more joke? Well, it goes something like this:

“Green mango more ko hindi mei bol.”
Hara. Aam. Zaada?”

Guys, give that woman a break. It was a harmless, classic ‘90s joke that we used to crack all the time. She probably just heard it recently and tried to lighten up the mood in the Parliament session. I mean, just because you didn’t get it, the politicians didn’t understand, the news reporters hadn’t heard of it, the opposition didn’t end up laughing, does not mean the joke is bad. She tried her best to make people laugh and I think she is an extremely strong woman to have dared tickle the funny bone of a group of people where the average age is 103 years.

Of course she did not mean it seriously. Are you kidding? Why would you think that she would single out each and every community other than the Hindu community and abuse them in public? Just because everyone other than Hindus in this country is a minority? Naah! This lady would never fall that low, would she? Don’t take her for being that stupid. Just because she only wears saffron saaris and is from the ruling party does not make her a bigot. No sir! I know she reads the Ramayana regularly, has her own Ashram, is a ‘katha vachak’ (one who delivers religious sermons through storytelling) and prefers to be addressed as Sadhvi (a female Sadhu or a monk), but what I also know is that she is definitely not a hate monger. She is a beautiful woman with a great sense of humour.

India is a secular country, people. And who do you think came up with the concept of secularism in India? It was our politicians! This sense of patriotism which incorporates equal rights for people of all religions is deeply instilled in each and every one of our politicians, especially the ruling party. Don’t you see them implementing this in our lives every day? If not, sir, you are totally blind and must get your eyes and brain checked! How dare people doubt our politicians’ intentions and blame this innocent woman for cracking a not-so-funny joke? We must blindly follow them as they are our true leaders and we must respect them more than we respect our elders or even parents. It’s us, after all, who elected them. Certainly, we are not that stupid, now, are we?

In fact, this woman should, along with running the country so beautifully, get into stand-up comedy. I’m guessing she is a little ahead of her times but soon you will see people laughing hysterically at her jokes. You’ll see. If you still don’t agree with me, tell me one thing. She made fun about a 'green' mango that so closely resembles the colour on the Pakistani flag. She is a real Indian. So, trust you me, trust her with your eyes and brains shut and let her do her job.

I, personally, wish her all the best for her future and I so wish that she continues to crack such great jokes all the time. I’m a budding humourist and would love to take some tips from her. If she is reading this, I hope she can send in some pointers on ‘How to be funny in public in 3 easy steps.’ I still pee my pants whenever I get up on stage. So that’s that.