Sunday, 10 January 2016

Angry Indian Godd

Disclaimer: This post will contain language that may be inappropriate for younger audiences. Reader discretion is advised. 


Now that I have set some context, with an abusive word to say the least, I’ll jump straight to my review of the film Angry Indian Goddesses. (I know it is a bit late given that the film released over a month back, but I’ve been trying to get around to writing again and it’s taken some time, but I’m back. So, yay!)

But now, let me just say, Bhenchod!

There. I did it again. Feels good. Feels great. Feels normal. But I can’t say the same about the movie. The feeling of watching Angry Indian Goddesses was quite the opposite. Frustrating would be an understatement. Angry would be more like it.

But it’s not the movie itself that made me feel that way. It wasn’t the actors either. It was the stupid fucking censor board that did it for me this time. Oftentimes we end up blaming the director or the script or the story or the music for a bad movie experience. But it’s come to the point that any half decent movie can become pathetic thanks to this higher power called the censor board.

Officially known as the Central Board Of Film Certification, it was formed in 1951 and its current chairperson is Pahlaj Nihalani. You must have heard this name in some recent furore over censorship when people were making fun of him online. You also probably know that he is the producer of Shola Aur Shabnam, one of my personal favourites, but a movie that has one of the worst second halves ever and an equally pathetic rape scene led by the indomitable bad boy Mohinsh Behl.

What I don’t understand is that Angry Indian Goddesses was given an ‘A’ certificate, which is completely fine, yet it was censored like it was being aired on Disney Channel. What the hell was that all about? It is a movie meant for adults. An adult by definition is someone over the age of 18. Someone who is old enough to make his / her own decisions or let mummy / daddy do the same.

The film had so many dialogues that went mute, so many abrupt shot cuts that made no sense and confused the viewer, and a goddess poster unnecessarily blurred out. The filmmakers were simply trying to show something that we already know. The characters were talking like we usually do. The issues shown actually exist. Of course things are exaggerated and over dramatized from time to time but that’s only to add to the narrative and keep the audience engaged. But I’m not going to get too much into my subjective opinion of how good or bad the movie was.

My two cents on the movie: a very decent effort by the director and his bunch of girls. I didn’t go in with too many expectations but came out pleasantly surprised. Of course, the movie did go a little overboard in some parts but hey, it’s a lot better than a lot of other crap that comes out these days. The topic was bang on. They didn’t get into a lot of unnecessary men bashing. They made sense and well, I must also admit, they were a delight to watch as well. So many beautiful women on the screen dancing, singing, abusing, crying, fighting, is not something that we get to see on movie screens too often.

I was extremely disappointed by how this film was treated by the censor board. Finally a film had come out for the women by the women but of course the people in power had to force their archaic beliefs into it. It was extremely irritating and made me super angry. And the worst part is, I can’t do anything about it other than write this stupid blog.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you must. It’s not bad, at all. And here’s a clip that I found which shows some of the scenes which were censored out:

There’s the whole TV and radio leg of this anger as well which I will probably talk about some other day. I must end this blog now before I realise how crappy it is and flush it down my recycle bin. Writing after a hiatus of over 4 months and it feels like I can’t think or write any longer. Hope this gives me a push in the right direction. I will be back with more. Soon!


PS – Will this blog be censored out too because of the abusive language? 


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