Tuesday, 1 October 2013

All Bad Things Must Come To An End – Goodbye Breaking Bad

I died a little inside after watching Breaking Bad end. No show has ever affected me to the extent that I’d be in an emotional hangover even 12 hours after I watched its final episode. I don’t think any show will match up to the class Breaking Bad maintained any time in the near future. This show was a masterpiece and will be forever etched in the minds of all its fans. It’s given us all memories to last a lifetime.

Conceptually interesting to capture anyone’s attention to at least give it a shot, Breaking Bad had its viewers’ attention from the first episode itself. The most interesting bit for me was probably how they showed a ‘nobody’ diagnosed with cancer trying to finally do something BIG in life. There was no bucket list. There was only a desire to ‘live’ life as much as one could before dying. The journey began from there and it was the best one I’ve ever taken.

Masterful acting by all its characters, even if we hated a couple of them for personal reasons, was really the crux of the show. Of course a brilliant script helped them churn out some great dialogues on screen and credit must be given to the writers of the show as well. The details in each scene, in each episode, was just mind-boggling. There wasn’t much music in the show to be honest, or maybe I just didn’t notice it, but whenever there was a song or two, it really was unforgettable. The theme, although, was eerie and amazing. The locales were grey and colourless, much like the main characters of show. It’s hard to tell between right and wrong in this show. At times you root for the guy who is right but then you sympathise with the one who is doing wrong.

The show leaves you wondering whether doing the wrong things for the right reasons is acceptable or not. Is it?

I’d like to thank the creators for not stretching this show just because it was successful. Its length was perfect and I’m lucky to have experienced it at the time of its inception. Other shows, in particular Dexter, must take learning from Breaking Bad as to how a show must pan out and end on time. It’s of utmost importance to maintain the legacy of a show, which Dexter created beautifully but couldn’t sustain, so that people watch it for genuine interest and not just so that they could see how it ends because they had liked it once. Case in point: How I Met Your Mother. It took them eons to find the mother. I still watch it but only because I have spent years watching it and I wouldn’t want that to go to waste.

It’s been an emotional few weeks which led up to the final episodes of this show. Breaking Bad will definitely go down in history as one of the best shows ever made. The ones who haven’t seen it might not be able to relate with the obsession but, trust me, it’s been crazy. The way this show has affected its following is nothing less than remarkable. Game Of Thrones fans might be able to relate to what I am saying, although I am not a GoT fan at all.

I’ll surely miss watching Walter White, Heisenberg, Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, Hank Schrader and the rest of the team every Monday. I’ll look forward to a show in the future, which is as engrossing as Breaking Bad was, so that I get my fix again. Till then, let me rile in the after effects of a masterpiece of a show and continue talking about it to fans around me in the coming days.

Thank you Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Bob Odenkirk and every other actor and crew member responsible for making Breaking Bad so good. Thank you for the amazing journey. I, like a lot of others, shall sorely miss you. Thank you for being so perfect. Cheers! :’)

All bad things must come to an end. But the bad was so good. Why did it have to come to an end? :’(


  1. I agree with every single word you say here. Breaking Bad was like watching Fredo taking over the 'empire' after Sonny was killed and how his subsequent transformation might have pained Michael Corleone and Tom Hagen. High points of the story were always the ones when Walt would decide to escalate Heisenberg's reputation - murder, robbery, conspiracy and expansion. The dialogues, Questioning morality and inter-personal relationships. But some class acting is what took the series to another level. Right from the very first episode! I was sad the entire day when Ehrmantraut had to die and in such circumstances. Which was just another way to show that you never quite know whom you'll end up liking, such grave character development was undertaken in the series. This counts among some of the best TV-series I've ever seen, along with House MD and Friends.

    1. I know man. It has left a lasting impression. Someday later I'd like to watch the whole series again. And try and notice the subtle details I might have missed in the first viewing.