Monday, 19 May 2014

Achhe Din Aa Gaye

I was a little sceptical about Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India but after the happenings over the last couple of day, I’m quite sure that he is the right choice.

Friday was a landmark day for him and BJP. They became clear winners of the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 trumping Congress and Aam Admi Party (AAP) pretty badly. It was as expected and the ‘Achhe Din Aane Wale Hai’ chants turned to ‘Achhe Din Aa Gaye’. I still didn’t completely believe in our Lord and saviour Narendra Modi Ji until Saturday.

As promised, he delivered on what he promised. He said he would bring happiness into our homes and that’s exactly what he did. In fact, his effect has spiralled worldwide and people all across the globe must thank him for what he has done. Something that Congress couldn’t do for over 10 years (almost), Modi and his aides at BJP took less than 24 hours after winning the elections to achieve it. It was a feat unmatched and all temples on his name are now completely justified.

I personally had been waiting to something positive in my life after having given up on Congress a couple of years back. Who was to say that Modi Ji would just take a day? Me along with millions of other people around the world owe it to him. The master. The professor. The great one.

It didn’t come easy though. Almost till the last minute there was no confirmation if he’d be able to pull it off or not. But he silenced his critics masterfully and let his actions speak for him. All the doubters and haters were silenced for once and agreed that Modi, the king, had arrived.

I can only see positivity in the air now and the future definitely looks brighter. There are going to be plenty of more achievements and we’ll be back at the top after such a long hiatus. To say ‘It feels good’ would be such an understatement. So would be ‘It feels orgasmic’. It’s much more than an orgasm. There were tears of joy. It was the greatest moment of our lives, ever!

Thank you Modi Ji for making Arsenal win the FA Cup 2014. Thank you Modi Ji for making Arsenal lift a trophy after 9 years. Thank you Modi ji for bringing a smile upon Arsene Wenger’s face after so long. Thank you Modi Ji for everything. Your actions and your promise of ‘Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain’ wasn’t just confined to India but it rattled our homeland, England too. London may be red but surely everyone sees saffron in it. Job well done, sir.

Also, I took a nice dump on Sunday, my fart didn’t smell too bad today, I cleaned my nose and nobody noticed, a friend of mine ate a sandwich, I filled water in the cooler, my L’Oreal shampoo still remains, surely, Achhe Din Aa Gaye Hain. If these are not happy days, I can only wonder where we go from here.

Narendra Modi, I love you. And thank you, again. 

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